Cross Dressing Erotic Hypnosis Harem T-Girl

2 Cross Dressing Erotic Hypnosis Harem T GirlCross Dressing Erotic Hypnosis, step into the world of erotic hypnosis and be transformed into a cross dressing harem t-girl. In the harem you will be prepared to serve your mistress anyway she pleases. Cross dressing into erotic luxurious harem girl costumes and pampered by mistresses slave girls.

Why do men cross dress?

No one really knows why some men have this desire. Most men who cross dress describe it as an outlet for stress, and they tend to want to dress up more during times of tension at work or at home.

Many cross dressers are very successful men, who by day run businesses, or may command a company that has hundreds of employees. They have to be all male and totally in control. They assert their dominance in a clear concise way, and their masculine behaviour is never questioned. These men are normally in a role of power and privilege, they are high achievers and true traditional males. Their thoughts or feelings may have been nurtured during childhood, with experimenting wearing their sisters or mothers clothes.

Some men get remarkable relief from tension simply by wearing womens lingerie, including silk and satin fabric; its generally the feel, the touch under the exterior male clothing. A lot of men want to go no further than that with cross dressing. But as time goes on, step by step they want to experiment more and more.

Most transvestites, however, want to appear as female as possible in their outer garments, and most want to wear make-up. Men who cross dress are not mentally ill, far from it, they are just men expressing their feminine side, which is my opinion is a fantastic asset. For they are able to see the male point of view, and the female rationalising behind most points or problems in their business and personal lives. From my own experience cross dressers and transvestites are kind generous people, and I am proud to say that a lot of my friends are cross dressers and/or transvestites.

Cross dressers and transvestites have a problem dealing with the guilt, and feel they are letting down their families and friends. There is nothing to feel guilty about, inevitably they would be letting themselves down by suppressing such a powerful emotion, and in so doing have a detrimental effect on them personally.

How many times have I heard the word Purge, where the cross dresser has gone out and spent on fortune on clothes, make-up, shoes, only to feel that heavy burden of guilt, and then to throw them away. Please do not do it, because afterwards the loss of all your very precious belongings just makes you feel worse. If you wish to rid yourself of these items and want to know they will going to a good home, then please send them to me, I can make great use of them.

What exactly is a transvestite?

The word transvestite means a person who likes to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Some dictionaries however add the words for sexual pleasure, but this is not always the case. Many cross dressers just feel comfortable rather than sexually aroused when they wear the clothes of the opposite sex. They want to experience the same admiration and praise that women appreciate from men for their beauty and elegance. Of course many do experience sexual pleasure from cross dressing and wish to indulge more by dressing as maids, and combining dressing with submissive activities.

Many transvestites often feel the need not just to dress up as women but also behave as a woman.

Most male transvestites like being men. They do not feel they are women trapped in male bodies and they have no desire at all to become female by taking hormones or having surgery to remove their male genitals.

Cross dressing is not an offence in this country, or many western countries, you are not doing anything wrong; if it makes you happy and gives you the opportunity to express your true self, then go for it, as life is far too short to be miserable.


Now here is a subject and a half, and I could talk about this forever. Many women feel threatened, and under attack by their male partner and their desire to cross dress. It undermines their own perception of their own sexually potency and desirability. It also questions entrenched gender roles, furthermore, most women gain little or no sexual pleasure from having their partners dress up and behave in this manner. Generally I believe its best to tread very gently and make certain you have a very strong relationship before disclosing this part of you. Women need to feel valued in the relationship and not undermined by this desire. Communication is vitally important and it may take some considerable time before your partner can except and begin to feel comfortable with cross dressing.

I have a love of cross dressers, and totally understand all aspects without being judgmental.

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